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span_tastic's Journal

Bi married UK chick living in Portugal.

Big fan of Spander, from short PWP to long epics.
Also enjoy a bit Spangel and Xangel from time to time (especially if it's alongside Spander, of course!)

My other absolutely OTP is JohnLock (Sherlock/John from BBC Sherlock)

Am also discovering other slash fandoms such as NCIS LA (Callen/Deeks) Criminal Minds (Reid/Hotch) and Smallville (Clark/Lex)
Also currently loving a bit of Janto (Jack/Ianto - Torchwood)

Not averse to a little cartoon slash once in a while either, particularly Ben 10 later stuff (Ben/Kevin)

Preferred genre is angst or hurt/comfort but I do also read some light-hearted stuff (if it's short)